The 8Words Mission Statement:

8Words.Art accelerates the expansion of the imagination of all its Patrons'. Specializing in Original Artistic Designs Located in the Marketplace, Patrons’ Purchase, Edit and Upload to their Artists Shoppes'. The Patrons' name their own prices or opt for “Pay What They’re Able" Prices. A Generous 25% Commission is paid out after each Sale. Become a Patron, and you may cause a cash pile to grow into a new income stream that may keep the Patrons’ prosperous for many years to come.

The 8Words Defined


Patrons’ are given a generous two-month (60 day) trial to get used to the 8Words experience. First-time Patrons choose four free designs totaling $40 from my store specifically to get started. The selected four designs should give the eager Patron a place to start. The free designs alone pay for almost half of a yearly membership


Once becoming a Patron, you will enjoy viewing hundreds of designs to find the design(s) that you may edit to your liking. Patrons can purchase as many designs as they see fit; there is no cap. Thousands more designs will be uploaded as the months/years pass.


Patrons' pay $9.99 each for the designs from my store. Other Patron's prices may be higher, and prices may list between $9.99 and $299.99. It is up to the Patrons’ to decide their prices and to adjust pricing in order to gain sales. There is also the “Pay What They’re Able” option where the customer determines the price they want to pay while the Patron decides the starting price.


All designs purchased will download to the Patrons' computer or mobile device for editing. The next word details the most fun part of all...


Utilizing any editing program or application (Photoshop, PicsArt, GIMP, etc.), the Patron edits the original design to look completely different using their creative flair that may make them some $$$ for now and years to come and beyond. Please do not simply use filters because that does not constitute “changing” the design, and they may not upload.


Once design edit(s) are complete, each design uploads to the website. There is a $2 Upload Fee, which must be paid per upload. This fee is accessed to prevent bogus designs from being uploaded and jamming up traffic on the website. The upload will have the included information: Name of Artists Shoppe, Title, Description (what inspired you, etc), and the Patron's name.


While waiting for Patrons to buy the uploaded designs, Patrons' are encouraged to drive traffic to their “Artist Shoppe” through self-advertising. Also, the "Imagination Station" (which will be covered later in better detail) or even by word of mouth may be utilized and any other creative ways including business cards.


Finally, Patrons' receive a 25% commission per sale which is at least $2.50 per sale every time their designs sell over and over again. While making a $9.99 sale and after a design sells four times, profit is gained EVERY time the design sells. After some sales, the rest is ALL profit. This can be used for whatever is preferred. Also, sales can be received nearly indefinitely as long as the Patron retains membership.