8Words Formula for Earnings Success:

$ale$ @ 25% Commission

All of us at ‘8Words.Art’ extend our most imaginative greetings and a creative welcome to you for visiting 8Words. Please excuse our wordiness as something this good cannot be easily expressed in a few words. Please read this explanation of what this all-important website is about and what it can do for you in terms of a possible successful financial future.

Once signed up, you will be a “Design Editor” whose design edits may then be uploaded and sold for whatever the chosen price may be over and over again while earning a 25% commission. Making purchases on the site today will, perhaps, make you much more money down the road.

By becoming a Design Editor on 8Words, you will purchase and edit exclusive designs from the 8Words website/ARTchive using any art editing program or app you choose, whether the apps include artificial intelligence or not. Once images are edited and uploaded through the “sell” button, your edits are made available for sale immediately.

All creative walks of life are welcome on this innovative digital art investing website. If you can use a cell phone, you can edit designs on the 8Words website and perhaps make some serious cash, in time. 8Words exists to put money in our customers’ wallets as the weeks, months, and years pass. We are in the business of making money for our Design Editors!

After joining 8Words, please browse the ‘How This Site Works’ file and read it over the next several times you are on the site. Do not let the file’s length deter you, since it has a wealth of information and will give you an edge by knowing exactly how 8Words.Art operates. It is very important information that all Design Editor’s must review.

From our small staff to you, thanks for reading and we hope to see you become a Design Editor and make your first purchases, edits, & uploads leading to a brighter financial outlook.

Do not forget to promote your work to maximize sales either through Social Media or any other means like business cards, etc. We cannot stress this enough! We are eager to pay you should you become a Design Editor and earn some or even many sales at a 25% commission.

Please click ‘Join’ above to start a new ‘Creative Odyssey’ where healthy earnings may be received with very little money invested. This is the way digital art investing should be!

Welcome to the “8Words.Art Digital Art Investing Experience!”

The 8Words Mission Statement:

8Words.Art is an innovative digital art investing website where creativity pays well by utilizing the "8Words Formula for Earnings Success" by purchasing, editing & selling exclusive digital imagery, all the while earning a 25% commission with each sale earned. With minimal effort and money invested, users may earn serious returns on their investments while utilizing the ‘8Words Digital Art Investing Experience’ by possibly achieving a second paycheck.