Author’s Corner

In addition to being a prolific psychedelic artist, Will is also very proud to be a science fiction author, having written and illustrated three books with a forth to be published in 2024, or later.

On August 15th, 2020, Will published his very first book which is entitled “Cosmic Apocalyptic Phenomena: Morality Tales from the Untamed Cosmos.” Please find a link below if you would like to purchase the second edition of this book of 41 very short stories. Also, feel free to send him an email (Will@8Words.Art) if you want a free story from his archive of 70 very short stories that comprised the three books published.

All three books have a tone similar to the “The Twilight Zone” and feel and play like the classic Twilight Zones with a 21st century style of cosmic cataclysms and catastrophes.

This book of cosmic tales revolves around the Earth and the Universe existing in tandem, while leaving Earth vulnerable to many calamities that could wipe out Earth or possibly the entire Universe...or maybe none of that will happen.

The second book Will has written is entitled “Universal Hypnosis: Fantastical & Mind Bending Tales from the Untamed Cosmos.” Existing around 31 very short stories, the reader will be taken all over the universe in this somewhat harrowing look at a bleak or possibly, a hopeful future.

Do you like laughing?? Over the past 2.5 years, Will has written over 2000 funny original jokes. Some jokes are light hearted & clever and others are...well...dirty. These jokes are now being compiled into many joke books that will be released over the next few years.

As of the writing of this document, there may be around 10 separate jokebooks written in the collection all consisting of 111 jokes per book. It is surmised that all books combined will contain well over 1000 total jokes.

Again, if you would like to read one of Will’s 70 stories, please send him an email and he would be astounded to share a story with you.

If you would like to purchase any of Will’s books, you may follow the below links to Barnes & Nobles Book Sellers. If you would like, try searching the titles of the books below and see if you may find a cheaper price.

Cosmic Apocalyptic Phenomena: Morality Tales from the Untamed Cosmos
Cosmic Apocalyptic Phenomena: Morality Tales from the Untamed Cosmos
Universal Hypnosis: Fantastical & Mind Bending Tales from the Untamed Cosmos
Universal Hypnosis: Fantastical & Mind Bending Tales from the Untamed Cosmos
?Universal Extinction¿: Mesmerizing & Thought Provoking Tales from the Untamed Cosmos
?Universal Extinction¿: Mesmerizing & Thought Provoking Tales from the Untamed Cosmos

Thanks for reading through the Author's Corner. Now you shall be rewarded by being able to read one of the stories from the books listed above. I decided to choose a "tame" story for you fellow or future investors. This story is available in “?Universal Extinction¿: Mesmerizing & Thought Provoking Tales from the Untamed Cosmos:"

Chapter 2:

“The Periodic Radar: How A World Changing Invention Altered the History, Future and Understanding of Earth” -or- “A Possibility of Declaring the World’s First Trillionaire”

In the not-so-far future, a police officer, Timothy L'Viaquez, was also an engineer and wanted to invent a way to get drugs off the streets for good. He thought very intensely about what he could do.

After somehow splitting the electron, it gave the Periodar enough power to "check" the entire planet at once if need be. This would be a game-changer for Timothy and science at large.

He managed to build a radar that could pick up any element on the periodic table from any place on Earth. It could wirelessly analyze anything that existed, all the way down to the Earth's core. This invention would change everything...

The possibilities of the new invention were nearly endless. The following paragraphs will explain how this "Periodar" changed the world beyond anything Humanity thought was possible.

Phonetically spelled "PEER-E-OH-DAR," The Periodar was one invention that changed the world and will bring handsome profits to Timothy and others in the future.

Timothy was so excited when he received a patent for the Periodar, enabling him to sniff out drugs nationwide and possibly other avenues, including scientific uses.

It worked by viewing the screen on the Periodar that can search any radius. Once the user enabled the search feature, it showed the drugs in the chosen radius.

The Periodar's screen showed all drugs in each house/building by showing a house map and where the drugs were according to what drug's chemical was inputted into the Periodar's computer system. There was also a feature to search "All Known Drugs," lighting up some homes like the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Within five years, almost all of the drugs were taken off the streets, and in time cities became safer. Timothy never thought in his wildest dreams that something he invented would clean the streets of drugs. He failed to realize at the time that you could find more than just drugs with this history-changing invention.

During this time, Timothy had a brilliant idea regarding using the Periodar: Sometime later, The Periodar went into production, making the units available to certain entities. First and foremost, he sold a Periodar system to just about every government worldwide, pocketing a hefty sum of nearly $750,000. This price tag for one unit made Timothy a very wealthy man, which happened overnight.

He received sales from 181 governments across Earth, pocketing over $135,000,000 @ 181 Periodar’s sold. The $135,000,000 payday hit Timothy hard. He could now do, within reason, anything he ever wanted to do.

The Periodar was later put on the market for anyone to buy worldwide, and certain persons who could afford the $750,000 price tag could use it as the purchaser saw fit.

After a few years, the Periodar's made many world-changing discoveries from persons and governments operating it worldwide.

The discoveries made by the various Periodar’s in use worldwide are outlined below, and then each discovery will be explained in further detail, building up to a head-scratching discovery.

A survey of Central America & Mexico revealed many hidden cities of The Aztecs and The Mayans. Also included in the survey were the locations of over 7000 tombs lost in time and finally awaiting discovery.

Periodar’s took another survey of all the deserts worldwide, and it was noted that 1000s tombs, possibly filled with priceless antiquities, dotted the land just below the desert's sands. These discoveries opened up many new avenues that reshaped history and made us think twice about evolution. A little more on this story later…

The World Space Project (the group that controls Earth's 72 space agencies) was able, through the Periodar, to locate every deposit of fossil fuels worldwide. Now we can properly exploit the planet...

Many gemologists set a massive undertaking forth worldwide. They decided to use the Periodar to locate all the precious gemstones on Earth and established plans to mine what we could.

Paleontologists were thrilled after purchasing a Periodar to search for and locate any dinosaur bones/fossils on Earth and fill in the evolutionary gaps in the fossil record.

Also, the spectacular radar mapped the entire ocean floor, and EVERY shipwreck was located and categorized for future discovery. Also, every body of water was mapped…and every living creature across the vast oceans will be researched and categorized as the years pass.

For the remainder of this story, each item above will be explained in better detail, culminating in an announcement that caused scientists to be very excited and left Humanity asking questions…

Archeologists across 26 countries acquired a Periodar to locate all the hidden artifacts the Aztecs had made throughout the extinct empire lost centuries ago.

A survey was taken of Central America and Mexico, revealing many hidden cities and countless tombs of The Aztecs. In addition to the Aztec and Mayan areas, Ecuador to Peru was mapped where the Incans flourished centuries ago.

Most notable about the entire project was the miraculous discovery of the city of gold: El Dorado. This lost city was located in Colombia and had perplexed explorers for centuries.

On the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, in a random jungle clearing jutting out of the ground, was a tarnished golden obelisk, and underneath this steeple, buried, was a temple. The archeologists revealed the city of gold: El Dorado, which was unearthed in time.

Better stated, Machines cleared all 14 square miles of El Dorado, and the city of gold was returned to its former glory drawing countless tourists each year, improving Colombia in more ways than ever thought possible.

After meticulously unearthing the entire city, the total value was established at $600 trillion, based on the price of gold bars covering the entire 14 sq mi expanse. The central tower of El Dorado rose over 70 feet in the air. Being comprised of solid gold, you can only imagine what that would cost to build today.

The Periodar’s took other surveys of the deserts worldwide. This survey opened up many new avenues that reshaped history and made us think twice about what was currently known.

During the above action, the deserts were surveyed in Egypt and every desert country, including those in the Middle East.

Amazingly enough, as stated earlier, thousands of tombs were located all across Egypt, rewriting the history of the ancient Egyptians and many other cultures.

One of the tombs had instructions on operating Giza that enabled Earth to receive something free for everyone on Earth forever.

Explorers went into the lower catacombs of the great pyramid and found a magnificent machine with one cogwheel missing. The explorers placed the cogwheel found in a tomb, and Giza came alive. Like that, the top of Giza burst open and shot electricity into the air in an endless stream.

Now that Giza had awakened, she looked like great light as electricity surged from the pyramid to the sky, causing an "Electrosphere," enabling free energy for all. The Electrosphere was an electronic atmosphere.

The previous find was astounding, but nothing compared to this particular happening. A large tomb was unearthed. As the archeologists entered the tomb, it appeared to be an exhibit with paintings on the walls and thousands of ancient photographs in faded color from thousands of years ago. Most astonishing were several primitive cameras that still worked, shocking everyone present.

The cameras were one of the most crucial discoveries that enabled Egyptologists to piece much more information together after studying and numbering each of the thousands of photographs.

We gained a photographic history of ancient Egypt through primitive cameras that were not even known to have existed.

Again, thousands of underground tombs were also located in the Middle East. With all of the recent discoveries, our understanding of history got extremely clear based on the finding of over 5000 tablets from Biblical times.

Most were written in cuneiform and spoke of our past in great detail, telling the predating we never knew had happened. It was a glorious time in Human history as we learned about our past many millennia before Christ.

Astonishingly, some tablets spoke of Jesus and his journeys and shed new light on the man and his life, giving a better understanding of who He was and what He did during his years away.

Archeologists even uncovered more "Baghdad Batteries," some of which still worked and wowed the persons who uncovered them. They later became popular items at museums across the world.

With a brand new map of all fossil fuels underground, drilling for the fossil fuels became much more streamlined and efficient, dropping petrol (gasoline) prices worldwide. The ability to pinpoint where the oil existed drove down prices.

The Periodar did a worldwide check for all gemstones and noted that there were enough gems for every person on Earth just waiting to be mined.

After some time, everyone worldwide could be outfitted in priceless jewels once the mining companies ramped up and gathered all the bling things.

Paleontologists worldwide set their Periodar to search for any fossilized remains and had it show how deep beneath the ground all of the fossils were.

After receiving much information from the Periodar’s, paleontologists worked hard to sift through the dirt to find tens of thousands of fossils. There were numerous fossil deposits under the deserts of the Middle East and elsewhere worldwide. The paleontologists were lucky to find significant fossil deposits globally in Jerusalem and many other sites.

In Jerusalem, miners found a treasure trove of fossils of Sumerian descent. After processing the 1000+ fossils/remains found in the city, the paleontologists made a fantastic find.

Commingled with the Sumerian fossils were others of extraterrestrial descent who had never fathomed. Later it was discovered that these strange fossils were part of an unknown race of extraterrestrials. For millennia Humanity had always questioned whether or not there were ever extraterrestrials in our past, and now we knew for sure.

The discovery changed human thought, knowing that we likely had extraterrestrial blood in our veins. However, there was no evidence that the extraterrestrials crossbred with Humanity at the time.

Along with the other fossils mined to this point, they rewrote evolution as we knew it. The fossils collected could piece together our genetic links to the oceans, and now we knew how we evolved.

Using the Periodar over the oceans revealed the entire ocean floor and every shipwreck that occurred over millennia. According to a leading person familiar with some of the three million shipwrecks, the total amount of sunken treasure beneath the waves was estimated to be over $600 billion, which was not loose change by any means.

It was soon stated where the monies from every Periodar discovery were disbursed:

Fifty-one percent of all monies went to Timothy for being the inventor of the Periodar, and 25% was given to each government according to where each find was located, 24% was given back to the populations of each country where discoveries were unearthed worldwide.

Where regular people and scientists alike made discoveries in international waters, 51% went to Timothy, and 49% went back to the country of the nationality of the person who made the underwater discovery to be divvied up between the citizens and the government.

Further to the ocean survey, the famed Black Swan ship was located and brought to the surface, where crews unearthed nearly $300 million worth of treasures from Black beard's shipwreck.

With this discovery alone, Timothy gained $153 million. His time spent building and programming the Periodar had paid off, especially considering how much of Earth's unearthed history from our wonderful planet was revealed.

Many other shipwrecks were searched and had all their riches sent to the surface, where the world profited handsomely. Most impressive was a yellowish obelisk poking 30 feet out of the ocean floor off the coast of Morocco.

As the divers closed in on the jutting yellow rock, they received information that the Periodar had picked up something extraordinary: the jutting rock was connected to a vast underground network under the ocean. All present were absolutely spellbound.

The excited divers resurfaced and let the boat captain know they had made a fantastic discovery: the divers had found the tip of an obelisk belonging to Atlantis, the vast under-ocean network proved in the Periodar reading.

The fact that the runes on the obelisk matched those in ancient Greek textbooks regarding Atlantis proved that Humanity had found something extra special. And they thought that El Dorado would have been the most history-changing find…

Many years passed, and the secrets of Atlantis became realities as crews meticulously unearthed the entire city for all to see. The city, which measured 55 square miles, was reborn and restored to its former glory.

At present, Timothy is worth a staggering $882 billion.

While all this treasure hunting happened, The World Space Project made a peculiar, if not strange, discovery.

While surveying the entire Earth, the scientists noted a thick space between the upper mantle and the ocean's crust. It was a void where some things appeared in this space. Remember that this was the first time Humanity would see a Periodar reading of the entire planet.

It was then that scientists looked closer: inside the empty mantle layer, they noted that the Periodar picked up elements that appeared to be shrines of sorts and discovered that these were handmade and that they had been created sometime in the past, presumably by human hands. But the real question was, "Who built these shrines?"

Upon noticing this strange anomaly, the World Space Project assembled a great group of persons who would pilot a great "laser" drill that would send them nearly 200 miles into the Earth's crust in hopes of possibly locating the persons who created these strange shrines.