"How This Site, "8Words.Art," Works, & How It May Benefit You Financially with Complete Information Regarding the Profitable "8Words Experience."

Please allow 9 – 12 minutes to review this document in its entirety before filling out the application. This file contains everything that must be known before becoming a Patron.

The 8Words Mission Statement:

8Words.Art accelerates the expansion of the imagination of all Patrons. Specializing in Original Artistic Designs Located in the Emporium, Patrons' Purchase, Edit and Upload to their Artists Shoppes'. The Patrons name their own prices or opt for "Pay What They're Able" Prices. A Generous 25% Commission is paid out after each Sale. Become a Patron, and you may cause a cash pile to grow into a new income stream that may keep the Patrons prosperous for many years to come.

The 8Words Goal:

The 8Words ultimate Goal is for its Patrons to earn money while they sleep.

Our Slogans:

Did You Flex Your Imagination Today? 

The Imaginative Epicenter of the Internet

A Welcome Letter to You

Artistic Greetings,
My name is Will Waelchli (WELL - KLEE). I am the Founder of 8Words.Art, owned by Post 20th Century, LLC, I am here to introduce you to this one-of-a-kind website and explain how the 8Words experience may work for you. It has been called "innovative" and operates unlike any website you visited.

Post 20th Century, LLC, the parent company of 8Words.Art is a very, very small company. We are a tight-knit group here, and we aim to keep things as entertaining as possible with the release of new designs. We also provide superior customer service.

It must be stressed that a big corporation does not own this site; moreover, Post 20th Century, LLC. is wholly owned by my 13 co-owners and myself, who are composed of my family and closest friends. This means that you will be treated like a person and not a number. I cannot stress this enough that 8Words.Art is a tight-knit group, and it will always stay that way, even if membership increases.

Each Patron pays $7 a month to maintain membership. They will then be able to hopefully make positive cash flow. Doesn't everyone want to eventually make money while they sleep? I imagine this is a dream for most people (including me). It may happen if the Patron is patient and savvy enough and promotes their designs well.

8Words is a possible life-changing experience in terms of potentially earning significant sales from editing designs and selling them over and over again. I will provide an overview of the site and how it can, by following the 8Words Verbal Formula, possibly make positive and steady cash flow for many Patrons. This document will give you a distinct advantage in operating the website by understanding how this site functions as it is different from any other website out there.

Please read on, and if all goes well, you will be making a 25% commission for every sale made for years/decades to come. Earning your 25% commission occurs as long as you retain membership. Not to mention that you can name any price for whatever you upload to your store to sell (with a $2910 cap) or opt for the "Pay What They're Able" by setting a minimum price (of at least $10).

When you submit your Patron application, you will have access to hundreds of designs and the option to purchase anything on the website.

I wish you nothing but steady sales with healthy cash flow and good health & wealth for now and years to come. Please stick with us, and you may be making cash without any work being done at all.

Lastly, if something is not jiving with the site or you have a question, never hesitate to reach out to us as I can be reached at Will@8Words.Art. And of course and above everything else, have FUN!

With most prosperous regards,

Will Waelchli

Majority Owner, 8Words.Art

President & Founder,

Post 20th Century, LLC.

Artist Alias: Will

Important Items Needed For the Application

  1. Typical information such as name and phone number

  2. An original “Artist Alias” which you will be known by around the website

  3. A low resolution picture of yourself

  4. Emails from your family and social circle who may be interested in the unique opportunity that is 8Words (if applicable)

  5. A named beneficiary who will inherit your 25% commission after you pass on

  6. Name of a charity that will receive 50% of all future sales after you pass on

  7. Credit card information

  8. If you choose to become a patron, please be patient when filling out our application. Once save is pressed at the bottom of each page in the application, it may take a few moments before the next page is loaded.

The “8Words Verbal Formula for Financial Success” and Definitions:

    Verbal Formula:

    1. Join -> 2. Browse

    3. Purchase -> 4. Download

    5. Edit -> 6. Upload

    7. Promote -> 8. $ale$ @ (25% Commission)

  1. JOIN – Patrons' are given a generous two-month (60 day) trial to get used to the 8Words experience. First-time Patrons choose four free designs totaling $40 from my store specifically to get started. The selected four designs should give the eager Patron a place to start. The free designs alone pay for almost half of a yearly membership.

  2. BROWSE – Once becoming a Patron, you will enjoy viewing hundreds of designs to find the design(s) that you may edit to your liking. Patrons can purchase as many designs as they see fit; there is no cap. Thousands of more designs will be uploaded as the months/years pass.

  3. PURCHASE – Patrons pay $10 each for the designs from my store. Other Patron's prices may be higher, listing between $10 and $2910. It is up to the Patrons' to decide their prices and to adjust pricing to gain sales. There is also the "Pay What They're Able" option where the customer determines the price they want to pay while the Patron decides the starting price.

  4. DOWNLOAD – All designs purchased will download to the Patrons' computer or mobile device for editing. The next word details the most fun part of all...

  5. EDIT – Utilizing any editing program or application (Photoshop, PicsArt, GIMP, etc.), the Patron edits the original design to look completely different using their creative flair that may make them some $$$ for now and years to come and beyond. Please do not simply use filters because that does not constitute “changing” the design, and they may not upload.

  6. UPLOAD – Once design edit(s) are complete, each design uploads to the website. There is a $2 Upload Fee, which must be paid per upload. This fee is accessed to prevent bogus designs from uploading and jamming up traffic on the website. The upload will have the included information: Name of Artists Shoppe, Title, Description (what inspired you, etc.), and the Patron's name.

  7. PROMOTE  – While waiting for Patrons to buy the uploaded designs, Patrons' are encouraged to drive traffic to their "Artist Shoppe" through self-advertising. Also, the "Imagination Station" (which will be covered later in better detail) or even by word of mouth may be utilized and any other creative ways, including business cards.

  8. $ale$ – Finally, Patrons receive a 25% commission per sale which is at least $2.50 per sale every time their designs sell over and over again. While making a $10 sale and after a design sells four times, profit is gained EVERY time the design sells. After some sales, the rest is ALL profit. This can be used for whatever is preferred. Also, sales can be received nearly indefinitely as long as the Patron retains membership.

What your $7 monthly membership gives you:

  1. Full Site Access / Access to all designs created by every Patron

  2. Entry to the ‘Broadcast Boutique’

  3. Ability to buy anything sitewide

  4. Possibility of making $$$ back by investing in 8Words

  5. Your [future] store is open 24/7 for $ale$

  6. Ability to post directly to social media sites

  7. Ability to name any price between $10 & 2910

  8. Ability to use the “Pay What They’re Able” Pricing

Artists' Shoppe’s 

The Patron's Shoppe is the storefront where all Patrons may make $$$. This digital store is where every design edited is prominently displayed for sale. Think of it as a digital museum where everything is for sale. The Patrons' shoppe is also where pricing is determined for edited designs and is a cash-conduit of sorts by being the way the Patrons may make money.

Broadcast Boutique (Free Advertisement Tool)

This area is an advertising tool and artistic community where the Patrons display their edits/uploads for all Patrons to view. This section of 8Words should drive purchases up and get the Patrons' names out and drive more traffic to their shoppes. This enables Patrons to possibly sell and purchase many designs to maximize their earnings. This happens all while earning a handsome 25% commission on EVERY sale.

Each time an upload is made, the system generates an automatic post to the Patrons space in the "Broadcast Boutique," keeping other Patrons abreast of all fellow Patrons’ designs. Also, posts to the Art feed within the Broadcast Boutique effectively are completely free advertising.  

The post also links to the Patron's Artist Shoppe within the site where Patrons can link to the store and fellow Patrons can see the array of their works with links to purchase whatever the fellow Patrons desire, again, possibly generating a stable and steady income.

Example Earnings Scenario Displaying Potential Payouts:

Envision that a Patron sells many designs. The most popular design is priced at $15 per download. The Patron receives 200 downloads/sales over the months. That is 100 downloads/sales from a single design. This is 200 x $15 = $3000 x 25% commission is a respectable $750 total profit. Remember that this design originated as an initial $12 investment (not including a nominal $7 monthly membership fee). The Patron would "pocket the profit" of $750 for doing nothing but editing a single design that may have taken 2 – 5 minutes (approx.) to create. The Patron was essentially paid $90 per minute of "work," based on five minutes of editing. I think we can all agree that this is remarkable and possible right here on 8Words.Art.

Canceling Membership:

If any Patron wants to stop their membership, they can do so, no questions asked. Send us a note, and we will remove your designs from view by placing them in a "Visual Vault," where the Patrons' designs will stay until or if the former Patron re-establishes membership within six months of leaving. For any Patrons not returning within six months of canceling their membership, their designs will become Post 20th Century, LLC’s property and will be listed to 8Words where they cannot be given back to the Patron.

Patrons' Post Death Policy:

Once a Patron passes on, all of their designs will still be paid the original 25% commissionto their beneficiary. At this point, monies from any post-death sales are split up as follows:

50% to Donations

25% to Post 20th Century, LLC.

25% to the Beneficiary

The beneficiary named on the deceased Patrons’ initial application will become the new Patron and will name a new beneficiary who will get their 25% commission upon their passing. This beneficiary cycle continues indefinitely as the commission is passed between the current Patrons’ to their beneficiaries indefinitely. This is known as Commission Inheritance.

A charity receives 50% of all monies earned and the 25% commission is paid to a beneficiary as long as the beneficiary names a new beneficiary.

Please note that a legible copy of the deceased's death certificate must be emailed to Will@8Words.Art in order for the future beneficiaries to receive their 30% commission.


When uploading any design, the Patron must enter:

  1. Artistic Alias (The name you are known by around the website)

  2. Password

  3. Serial Number 

  4. Agreement to be charged $2.00

Each time a design is purchased, a unique serial number will be assigned to each design. The serial numbers will be added to an all-inclusive list containing all serial numbers for all designs ever purchased for each Patron.

The above-mentioned list will have the serial number entered by the Patron for an upload and bounced off the list of all known serial numbers from all designs ever purchased by the Patron.

If the serial number is found, then the upload commences as usual. Suppose the serial number of the uploading design does not match. In that case, it cannot be uploaded until the serial number is correct.

Once again, to prevent unsolicited or any unnecessary uploads to 8Words, there is a $2 fee associated with each upload. This is the only fee associated with the entire website besides the nominal $7 monthly membership fee. Beyond these two fees, the website has no other hidden fees.

An image of the original design will appear next to the Patrons’ edited designs when uploading to the site. This absolutely must be done to abide by current American copyright laws. So you will have the original and the edited version at the bottom of the design.

Serial numbers are good for three uses before the serial number expires and becomes obsolete. A new design may be purchased to obtain three more edits/uploads. This is like you are paying only $3.33 for the $10 design.

All Patrons are mandated to include the original serial number sent in the automated email from the website. All serial numbers are held in a list in the background of the Patron’s Artist Shoppe.

Miscellaneous Notes Concerning 8Words:

Designs created by myself will be sold online and available for $10. My Artist Alias on the site is "Wil." Patrons will be able to charge $10 - $300 for each design they create, and upon making sales, Patrons will receive a generous 25% commission.

8Words does not dictate the prices of Patrons' designs; although it is mandated Patrons charge at least $10 to receive at least $2.50 commission per sale. With increased prices, the commissions will increase into a possible supplemental income.

Over time the creative craft of each Patron will become well defined, and they will develop a specific creative style that will most likely gain them more and more earnings. From experience, my designs have drastically gotten better year after year, and they are still improving and becoming more complex and fascinating, showing detail I never thought possible.

Patrons must have current membership in the site to receive their monies. If a Patrons' card declines, it will be tried again, then they are given a ten-day grace period before their designs are removed from the site and placed into the "Visual Vault."

If Patrons decide to return within six months, their designs will be taken out of the Visual Vault and placed back on the website to be sold again. Please note that if the Patron remains idle beyond six months, the Patrons' designs will become the property of Post 20th Century, LLC. and be placed back for sale under the Post 20th Century, LLC’s artist alias. You will not be able to have your old designs returned to you once the six months after leaving pass.

Patrons may reap the rewards if their designs are marketed cleverly via advertising such as word of mouth, business cards, etc. The Broadcast Boutique may be utilized for advertising, causing the savvy Patron to hopefully obtain a steady income stream over time.

No physical products are sold on the 8Words. Instead, you are given designs to edit & upload, and sell at your artist shoppe for your named price, and other Patrons can use the "Pay What They're Able" pricing approach. Think of it as a possible money-making machine that may cause you great earnings.

If you enjoy the 8Words experience, you may tell anybody you like to please start a 60-Day trial membership with 8Words and they may choose their four free designs from my store. Remember that there is the potential to supplement your income. Most should make profits and tell their social circle of friends and family about their successes on 8Words, and the friends and family can tell their social circles about 8Words. By doing this, we will grow in numbers where more and more artistic designs will be created and shared, brightening up the mood of our Patrons, including myself.

A rule of thumb is that you must sell around four copies of a design before you gain positive cash flow (for a $10 purchase). Of course, you can name any price up to $300. After four or so sales, you will receive positive cash flow as long as membership is retained. So you can be making cash off of a design/edit you created today and still receive monies for years to come, and it will be a 25% commission every single time.

Work that you do today, you may be able to sell some designs causing you to be positive, and those designs made may provide monies for days, weeks, and years to come. It is possible to make hundreds or more of a single design edit over time.

Lastly, my secret is using the Liquify command in Photoshop. This is how every stunning design through my Artist Shoppe was created. This is also how the 47,000 + designs I have designed were made during 2010 – 2021. Many of these 47,000 + designs may be uploaded over time, so there will always be something new to see.

Social Media Aspect

There are several social media connections utilized on the 8Words website. Designs may post to social media outlets as manually chosen by the Patron. The advertisement of sorts will include a direct link to their 8Words artist shoppe where the Patron can purchase anything sitewide after starting their sixty-day trial and choosing their four free designs from my store.

Copyright Information:

By becoming a Patron of 8Words.Art, you acknowledge that you are granted a temporary copyright to edit the designs as you wish. This is all done under a temporary copyright granted to you by Post 20th Century, LLC. enabling purchasing of the designs on the website.

To abide by copyright law, each design uploaded to your store will have the original design next to it in a smaller size or thumbnail size below the edited design. This proves that the copyrighted work was altered. In order to exercise compliance with current copyright laws, the original must be shown proving that the edited designs had been altered. You will notice in your store you will see a picture of the original design that was purchased below your edit. This is normal.

Further Legal Information:

Each design, including all those edited on the 8Words website, all copyrights are owned by the parent company of 8Words, Post 20th Century, LLC. The company owns each copyright, and none of the designs purchased through this website may be duplicated or sold in any way outside of the 8Words website, either online or off.

Any designs obtained through the 8Words site absolutely must not be uploaded to ANY other site. The only exception is to edit designs by using applications and programs that you plan to edit your purchases with and upload back to your 8Words Artist Shoppe.

If the Patron needs to use their designs for something outside the 8Words website, must contact Will@8Words.Art to make a request. Again, please note that Post 20th Century, LLC. owns all copyrights in connection with each design for sale on 8Words or awaiting editing.

***Post 20th Century, LLC. owns all intellectual property related to the 8Words Verbal Formula for Financial Success and “Commission Inheritance.” The Commission Inheritance and The 8Words Verbal Formula for Financial Success may not be copied or used in any such fashion anywhere online or off.***


Donations are gladly welcome and may be given to 8Words from the main welcome screen at the bottom of the page or through the link at the top of the welcome page. Your donations will make 8Words an even better place in the future. These donations will help 8Words remain small, where the Patrons’ are the focus. The donations will also go to future endeavors sought through Post 20th Century, LLC. including a Canvas Shop where thousands of my designs will be available to be put on a range of canvas sizes, or you may opt to place your own designs on the canvases.

One Last Thing:

Please note that the 8Words website is a GREEN website and does not negatively affect the environment in almost any way. This website leaves almost no carbon footprint as nothing physical is purchased from this site. The only products sold are digital designs, which do not negatively affect the environment.

The Patrons' should profit over time by staying active with their advertising on social media and the Broadcast Boutique and interacting with real persons in the real world (ex, handing out business cards). Remember that, besides sales, the 7th word of the 8Words may be the most important as it is "Promote."

With Patrons being given the ability to have a beneficiary who names a new beneficiary and so on, Patrons know that their 25% commission will be paid to a friend or family member for as long as the Internet is in existence through commission inheritance.

Please remember that this website will not work for everyone. A successful financial future will not be achieved by all Patrons. I believe that a good deal will reap great rewards from their minimal work put into the 8Words Cash Creation System. The best-case scenario is that your earnings monthly from 8Words.Art may surpass what you earn at your job, and you can quit and edit designs from then on from the comfort of your own home, with no boss. Again, this is the best-case scenario. We make no guarantees that this occurrence will happen. Furthermore, this may result in the ultimate achievement of making money while one sleeps.

With most prosperous regards,

William Waelchli Jr

Artist Alias: Will

Majority Owner, 8Words.Art

Founder & President,

Post 20th Century, LLC.

Email: Will@8Words.Art

The 8Words Verbal Formula for Financial Success:

1. Join

2. Browse

3. Purchase

4. Download

5. Edit

6. Upload

7. Promote

8. $ale$ @ 25% Commission

A canvas shoppe, Psychedelia Memorabilia, is in the works which will be the exclusive website where you can have your creations put to canvas for you or a loved one to have for many years.