Welcome to the "8Words Digital Art Investment Experience"

This important document will cover how investing in 8Words.Art operates and how this website may benefit you financially including complete information regarding the potentially and profitable "8Words Formula for Earnings Success."

Please allow several minutes to review this document before proceeding with joining The 8Words Digital Art Investing Experience. This file contains everything you need to know about becoming a Design Editor of this unique digital art investing website.

To save time, you may read over the items marked in BLUE, which are essential to know. Then at your leisure, you may read the remainder of the document in its entirety. Please do this as soon as you are able. Just remember that you are investing in a future for yourself and the others you provide for.

Please note that 8Words.Art has nothing to do with blockchain or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It also does not use cryptocurrencies in an effort to protect our Design Editors investments. You invest your cash and cash is what you will receive back.

Please read on to fully understand this potential life-changing opportunity.

The 8Words Mission Statement:

8Words.Art is an innovative digital art investing website where creativity pays well by utilizing the "8Words Formula for Earnings Success" by purchasing, editing & selling exclusive digital imagery, all the while earning a 25% commission with each sale earned. With minimal effort and money invested, users may earn serious returns on their investments while using the ‘8Words Digital Art Investing Experience’ by possibly achieving a second paycheck.

8Words.Art Goal:

The 8Words.Art ultimate goal is for its Design Editors to earn money while they sleep.

A Welcome Letter to You:

Artistic Greetings,

My name is Will Waelchli Jr (WELL - KLEE). I am the founder of 8Words.Art, president of Post 20th Century, llc, the parent company of 8Words and Laughology Publishing, llc. I am here to introduce this one-of-a-kind digital art investing website and explain how the '8Words Digital Art Investment Experience’ may work for you.

Everyone is welcome at 8Words, not just Artists. Even for a budding artist, earnings can be made if you never made art before. If you can use a cell phone, then you may make earnings from investing with 8Words using this unique website.

A big corporation does not own 8Words; moreover, Post 20th Century, llc. is wholly owned by my eleven co-owners and myself, who are composed of my family and closest friends. This means you will be treated like a person, not a number. I cannot stress enough that 8Words.Art management are a tight-knit group and are not owned by a large corporation.

Once signed up, Design Editors may make positive cash flow after buying, editing, and selling exclusive designs from the 8Words website. Doesn't everyone want to eventually make money while they sleep? I imagine this is a dream for most people. It may happen if the Design Editor is patient and savvy enough and promotes their designs well.

8Words may be a possible life-changing investment experience in terms of potentially earning significant sales from editing designs and selling them over and over again. I will provide an overview of the website and how it can, by following the ‘8Words Formula for Earnings Success,’ potentially make a positive and steady second income.

As long as the Design Editor keeps their financial information updated, their edits/designs will stay for sale on 8Words as long as the Design Editor remains active by purchasing images at least once per year. This is a distinct advantage for Design Editors as they can receive the 25% commissions for the years ahead, as long as they are purchase at least one design a year. The work you do today could be paying you in years to come and keep on paying you over and over and over again.

Please read on, and if all goes well, you will be making a 25% commission for every sale made for months/years to come. Your 25% commission occurs as long as your payment card is active.

All of the designs that I will be uploading to my artist page (wiLogic) are original designs that I created, which originated as clay sculptures. These sculptures, my computer, and a (sometimes) little artificial intelligence are what made all of the designs on my page. I sincerely look forward to what future Design Editors create. I wish you steady earnings, good health, & wealth for now and the future.

Lastly, if something needs to be fixed with the site or you have a question; feel free to reach out, as any Design Editor can reach me at Will@8Words.Art. And, of course, above all else, have FUN!

With most prosperous regards,

William L Waelchli Jr
Majority Owner, 8Words.Art,
President & Founder
Post 20th Century &
Laughology Publishing
Artist Alias: ‘wiLogic’ & ‘p2c’

Setting Up Your Payment Account:

Upon joining 8Words, new Design Editors must make an account with Stripe, Inc (our digital payments processor). This is a trusted payment site used worldwide by numerous businesses, including Spotify and Ford Motor Company. Through Stripe, this will be how Design Editors receive their earnings from selling their designs. With some good ole' creativity, those payment amounts should increase over time. The more edits you create, the higher your potential for sales.

What you get by using 8Words.Art:

  1. Access to all designs

  2. Ability to link directly to social media sites to maximize exposure

  3. Ability to purchase any design sitewide

  4. Potential to earn significant income

  5. Peace of mind knowing Design Editors will be paid securely

  6. A potential to make serious earnings by investing in digital art

  7. The ability to name whatever price desired per design

Explanation of Links:

Here is a short description of each link/button:

8Words Logo (top left) – Takes you back to the front screen

  1. How This Site Works – This document is required reading to fully understand the 8Words.Art Investing Experience

  2. JOINThis is your starting point where you will create your account on 8Words & Stripe, Inc.

  3. Sell – After purchasing a design, this is the upload portal where Design Editor’s Upload their edits to be sold

  4. SearchSearches are performed here. Keep note of the Design Editors you like And search for them to reveal their artists’ pages.’

  5. Random BuyProvides one random design for possible purchase

  6. New Designs – Lists all designs uploaded in the last 24-hour cycle

  7. Meet Will – My Biography

  8. Author’s Corner – Being an author, I ask that you please read this section. Periodically for the upcoming books of very short stories and joke books too

  9. ContactThis is where my email can be found.

  10. Messages – You can communicate with other Design Editors on the site. I will also, be sending out relevant messages periodically, although I am unable to respond to direct messages

  11. LoginLogin to the site

The "8Words Formula for Earnings Success" & Definitions:

  1. Join

  2. Browse

  3. Purchase

  4. Download

  5. Edit

  6. Upload

  7. Promote

  8. Sales

  1. JOIN – You will need to provide an email and sign up with Stripe Payment Services, so you can possibly receive a second paycheck from 8Words.Art.

  2. BROWSE – Design Editors will enjoy viewing many designs to find the design(s) they may purchase and edit to their liking. Design Editors can purchase as many designs as they see fit; there is no cap. Hundreds and even thousands of additional designs will be uploaded as the months/years pass. There will always to something fresh to check out at 8Words.

  3. PURCHASEPurchases can be made directly from each Design Editor's Artist Page. Pricing starts at $10. Other Design Editor's prices may be higher. It is up to the Design Editors' to decide their prices. You call the shots when it comes to pricing.

  4. DOWNLOADAll designs purchased will download and be sent through email to the Design Editors' computer or mobile device. The next word details the most fun part of the 8Words experience...

  5. EDITUtilizing any editing program or application (Photoshop, PicsArt, GIMP, and/or artificial intelligence platforms such as Deep Dream Generator and any other programs/apps that can edit designs. The Design Editor edits the original design to look completely different using their creative skills. Please do not simply use colors and/or filters because that does not constitute editing the design and may be rejected by the system.

  6. UPLOAD – Once design edit(s) are complete, each design uploads to the 8Words website through the "Sell" button and to the Design Editor’s page. Uploads will have the included information: Artist Alias, Title, Description, and the Design Editor's Price.

  7. PROMOTE – While waiting for fellow Design Editors to buy the uploaded designs, Design Editors' are encouraged to drive traffic to their ‘Artist Page’ through self-advertising. Design Editor's may utilize word of mouth, and any other inventive ways to advertise may be used, including business cards, social media, etc.

  8. SALES – Finally, the savvy Design Editor may make sales at a 25% commission over and over and over again. Even after the initial investment has passed, Design Editors' will still receive sales, hopefully well beyond what they invested into 8Words.

Example Earnings Scenario with Potential Payouts:

Envision that a Design Editor sells many designs. Their most popular design is priced at $15 each. The Design Editor receives 200 sales total. That is 200 sales from a single design! So 200 downloads x $15 per sale = $3000 x 25% commission is a respectable $550 total profit.

Remember that this design originated as a $12 investment. The Design Editor would have made a positive investment of $550 for doing nothing but editing a single design that may have taken 2 – 5 minutes (approx.) to create. The Design Editor was essentially paid $90 per minute of "work" based on five minutes of editing. The Design Editor made an ROI of $538 (minus the original $12 spent on the design). What an incredible investment. We can all agree that this is remarkable and possible here at 8Words.Art.

Author’s Corner:

Design Editors will notice a link to the "Author’s Corner." This special area of the website explains my being an author and gives you access to purchase my highly entertaining books. Suppose you are fascinated with outer space and/or enjoy classic "Twilight Zone" episodes. In that case, you will enjoy reading the short stories spread across the chapters in both books I currently have available. Links to all available books are included in the "Author’s Corner" for purchasing. Please take advantage of this opportunity to be entertained by the catastrophe causing cosmos.

Social Media Connection:

Design Editors can post a link to social media websites after the uploading of each edit. This will create an artistic presence for the Design Editor, which should draw in more traffic to their Artist Page, causing more earnings and solidifying an even stronger investment in 8Words.

Designs may be uploaded to other social media sites as you please. Although, you MUST make mention of the 8Words.Art website and link when posting so we collectively can grow this little digital art investing community bigger and bigger.

If You are Idle for One Year:

If a Design Editor decides to part ways with the "8Words Digital Art Investing Experience," all of their edits/designs will be transferred to the artist alias of ‘p2c,’ which is the Post 20th Century Artist Page which will encompass all of the designs from Design Editors who have been idle for more than one year straight without any editing uploads.

Also, your designs will be forfeit if you decide to leave 8Words as the ‘p2c’ artist alias will now contain all designs of those design editors who decide to leave 8Words. Once a Design Editor leaves, they will be unable to retrieve their edits from the p2c artist alias.

Make sure to upload at least one edit a year to prevent your designs from being absorbed by Post 20th Century, llc. Once the designs are placed under p2c, they cannot be removed; nor will they be given back to the Design Editor who was idle for a year if they so choose to return.

Design Editors' Post-Death Policy:

Once a Design Editor passes on, the following will occur: 8Words must be notified, as all of the designs that the passed Design Editors’ have edited will be absorbed by Post 20th Century, where the passed Design Editor’s designs will forever be available under the artist alias ‘Passed Artists.’

This guarantees that the passed Design Editors’ designs will forever be available for anybody to purchase, leaving a digital legacy that will last indefinitely. Your editing today will leave a legacy for the future as 8Words will digitally immortalize all Passed Artists forever.

Miscellaneous Notes Concerning 8Words:

Designs edited by myself will be sold online and available for $12 apiece, just search "wiLogic." This is the best way to start with 8Words. Design Editors will be able to charge at least $10 for each design, although Design Editors are free to charge whatever price they choose in order to drive sales.

Over time the creative craft of each Design Editor will become well-defined, and they will develop a specific creative style that may gain them more and more sales. From experience, my designs have drastically improved year after year, and they are still evolving and becoming more complex and fascinating, showing details I never thought possible.

Design Editors may reap the rewards by marketing their designs cleverly via advertising such as word of mouth, social media, business cards, etc. This may cause the savvy Design Editor to obtain a steady income stream over time with more and more and more sales hopefully causing that sought-after second paycheck.

If you enjoy the 8Words experience, please tell anybody you like to please take part in this rewarding digital art investing website that is 8Words.Art

Design Editors’ should make profits and then tell their social circle of friends and family about their successes on the ‘8Words Digital Art Investment Experience,’ and the friends and family can tell their social circles about 8Words once they join and hopefully make sales. By doing this,' we will grow in numbers, where more and more artistic designs will be edited and sold, expanding the 8words experience more and more.

After a few sales, you should receive positive cash flow. So you can be making cash off of a design/edit you edited today and still receive monies for years to come, and it will always be a 25% commission for every single sale. This assumes that you stay active with the site, meaning you must purchase and upload at least one edit per year.

Work you do today may make you earnings that pay you for years to come. You will always be paid when a sale is made, even if you have not been on the site for extended amounts of time.

Copyright Information:

By becoming a Design Editor of 8Words, you acknowledge that you are granted a temporary copyright to edit the designs as you wish. This is all done under a temporary copyright granted to you by Post 20th Century, llc. enabling purchasing of the designs on the 8Words website.


If anything needs to be fixed on the website or for any type of questions, website related support is needed, please email Will@8Words.Art. Please note that ALL data on 8Words is encrypted and is kept safe. Direct messages to me cannot be responded to. It is very important that you email Will@8Words.Art rather than sending a direct message.


At 8Words.Art, we take security very seriously and have protocols in place to keep the website secure and free of non genuine 8Words art designs.

Only genuine 8Words designs may be uploaded to the site through the Sell button. This is crucial as only designs from 8Words are permitted to be sold on the website.

The way security for uploads works is like this: the system keeps a tally of how many designs each Design Editor has downloaded and uploaded. It will always know how many designs you have downloaded that are being edited, and it knows all that were uploaded in the past.

Suppose someone has ten designs downloaded, and they edit and upload all 10. In that case, it is even: ten edits downloaded and ten edits uploaded. If Design Editors would try to upload an 11th image, it will only upload once an 11th design is purchased and uploaded.

Design Editors are unauthorized & forbidden from taking their edits from 8Words and profiting from them beyond the 8Words.Art website. For example, it is prohibited to mint any of your edits into NFTs. This will be strictly enforced. If an infraction occurs, the offending Design Editor will lose their 8Words privileges permanently.

Closing Words from Will:

The Design Editors' should achieve solid earnings over time by staying active with their advertising. Remember that, besides sales, the 7th word of the 8Words may be the most important as it is "Promote." Please Keep up with your social media presence and advertising, and your earnings may increase over time.

***Please remember that the ‘8Words Digital Art Investment Experience’ will not work for everyone. A successful financial future will not be achieved by all Design Editors. Time spent today should reap great rewards from a minimal digital art investment in 8Words.

The best-case scenario is that your earnings per pay period from 8Words.Art may surpass what you earn in your career or job, and you can quit your job and change career paths by editing designs as your main earnings income stream from then on from the comfort of your own home, with no boss.

We make no guarantees that this occurrence may happen to you. I can only think this is a safe way to invest in your future. Let’s focus on purchasing designs, making spectacular edits, making solid earnings, and above all having FUN!

With most prosperous regards,

William L Waelchli Jr
Artist Alias’: "wiLogic" & "p2c"